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Jersey City Grows Up

The New York Times
When Zacheus and Ratri Chan showed up at an open house for a townhouse in the Bergen-Lafayette neighborhood of Jersey City last fall, there was a line down the street.... Read more

Jersey City: Growing, With Many Personalities

The New York Times
Elizabeth and Nick Flint were apartment hunting in Brooklyn two years ago when a friend suggested they consider Jersey City instead. The couple, who were renting in Williamsburg, wanted to buy a place.... Read more

“Moving to Jersey City? Join the Club”

The New York Times
Jersey City is no longer just another gritty town on the wrong side of the Hudson River, dismissed by apartment hunters. As its population soars, new housing rises and buyers get wind of the quick train commute it offers to New York, Jersey City is shedding its dingy image and emerging as a destination of choice... Read more

"Developer says he's breathing new life into Journal Square with building at 100 Newkirk"

The Jersey Journal
“A very bright future” is in store for Jersey City’s Journal Square, the developers of a new high-end residential building there are saying on the eve of its grand opening, after years of great expectations and disappointments in the area... Read more

“Jersey City is Reaching For the Stars”

New York Post
The sky’s the limit for Jersey City’s Journal Square neighborhood. Literally. Situated in the western half of Jersey City, three PATH train stops from Lower Manhattan, Journal Square was once one of city’s most prosperous quarters... Read more